5.  Click to Download this presentation   
(Bring the download file to your tech guy; he'll set it up)
Now you can introduce the Game on Sunday by showing
this presentation in all its entertaining splendor!
6. Invite everyone to join: 
Ask them to visit the Church Game Page and join from there.
Their own GameIDs will come under the Church GameID,
so all Bible discs given away, all Salvations, are celebrated,
counted for the whole Church on the Church Game Page,
(as well as giving each member credit where due).
7. Ask members to level up to level 5: 
They can speed past levels 1 & 2 by giving your 3 answers.
Then they can easily level up to level 5, by Saturday.
8. Prepare to Launch the Outreach as a Church: 
Ask them to come to the fellowship hall Saturday morning,
ready to spread the Gospel and bless some neighbors!  Click Here...