What's the next step?  How do we get there?
1. Count the Cost: 
We'll need a few spindles of blank DVDR discs, some printing,
scotch tape, and a stapler.
2. .Join the game.  (if you need a Bible Disc, do this now): 
Join the game, creating a GameID named after our church.
(1st Baptist Springfield would be "1stBaptistSpringfield",
 "1stBaptSpring" or whatever else isn't already taken).
3. Quickly Play through Levels 1 and 2: 
In the first two levels you download and try out the Bible
package, then duplicate some Bible Discs and their covers.
4. Announce the Game to the Church: 
Give each member a Bible disc, and a paper sharing the Church
Game Page URL and answers to the 3 questions of Levels 1 & 2.
It's honest, the point is to get equipped for ministry.   Click Here...