This Outreach is now an on-line “Reality Game”.
  ( We give hobbies and games our best personal effort... Jesus deserves no less! )

The playing field is both on-line, and out in the neighborhood.

It's like a scavenger hunt with an on-line scoreboard...
...where the points we earn indicate real riches in heaven,
  for fulfilling the great commission in our neighborhood!

  It's easy and fun for the whole church to get involved.
      * We build a generous reputation of respect for our neighbors. 
      * They learn about who we are, and they LIKE US!!! 
      * They get the gospel they can use (led to water, not drowned). 
      * We may likely see some new faces at church! 

 Click Here for How To Get Started   
( Which version of the Bible do we use? )

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